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ITP Ltd. specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of mass transfer media, more specifically 75mm Pall Rings (random tower packing) which provide an effective diffusing capability.

Research available on the public domain shows the pall Ring as being the most widely used column packing over the last 30 to 40 years and as a consequence has become the benchmark used to evaluate the performance of most other types of column packing.

ITP Pall Rings are used extensively in chemical and temperature applications such as pulp and paper, mining and the chemical processing industries in general. The Pall Ring (modified to meet surface area cover) has become extremely popular and successful also in effluent treatment plants acting as an excellent suspended carrier media contributing to biological treatability.

To ensure that the material of manufacture meets the various temperature and corrosion requirements of its customers process applications, some of the more common materials usually specified listed in the lowest relative cost material are:

• polypropylene

• polyethylene

• Kynar Flex® (PVDF)

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